What is the Lymphatic system?

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The Lymphatic system is a subsystem of the body’s circulatory system that is composed of various organs, tissues and vessels.

It helps maintain a fluid balance in the body by removing excess fluids and particles from tissues and depositing them in the bloodstream. It helps fight infections by supplying disease-fighting white blood cells.

lymphatic system
The importance of a healthy lymphatic system is paramount. In addition to the lymphatic system managing the fluid levels in the body, it also reacts to and deals with cancer cells and other cells that would otherwise promote disease. It helps to fight certain bacteria and absorbs some of the fats in our diet from the intestine.
Without its own pump, the lymph system is constantly working to maintain a fluid balance in the body. It’s composed of over 500 lymph nodes, which are interconnected by a network of channels and organs, such as the bone marrow, thymus, spleen, and tonsils. This system plays a vital role in the body’s autoimmunity and cancer surveillance.

What is Lymphatic drainage and why is it so important?

leg massage

Lymphatic drainage is when we manually drain the lymphatic system by beams of a light massage. This type of massage is commonly referred to as manual lymph drainage or MLD. It works by encouraging the natural drainage of the lymph vessels. As we’ve read above, this aids in carrying waste products from tissues back into the bloodstream.






The benefits of MLD are major. MLD is designed to stimulate the lymph nodes and increase the flow of lymph fluid in the body. It can also help improve the overall activity of the lymph system. MLD increases blood flow in deep veins that have a sluggish flow. MLD can also be used as post-surgery treatment. Swollen areas of the body can be worked on to promote deep healing. Another way of draining your lymphatic system is through exercise and movement! Like most things in our bodies – these natural systems thrive when the body is healthy.




There are also many supplements one can use to support lymphatic health. My personal favourite – the Polyporus mushroom. Promoting circulation and working as a natural diuretic -this fantastic fungi is the go to mushroom for lymphatic drainage.




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