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What's Next?
All appointments are completely confidential. Appointments available in London, Cambridge, Hertfordshire and also via Skype and Facetime. Home and business visits are also possible. Please email for further information.

I have booked an appointment

Once an appointment has been made, you will be sent a health questionnaire and a 3-day food diary to complete and return prior to your appointment.

How long do appointments last?

Initial appointments last 1 hour 30 mins and follow up appointments are 1 hour.

How many appointments will I need?

A minimum of 3 appointments is recommended. However, if you have had your symptoms a long time, more may be required. Occasional ‘top ups’ are also recommended, to help maintain health and wellbeing.


Free 15 minute telephone conversation to discuss best available options for your own needs.

Cancellation Policy

There is an enforced cancellation policy. If you need to change your appointment 48 hours notice is required. Full fees are payable if less than 48 hours is provided.

Optimising employee well-being

Analysis from Centre of Economic and Business Research predicts that the cost of absence to the UK economy will be £21bn in 2020, increasing to £26bn in 2030.

The link between employee lifestyle choices, their physical and mental health, and their work performance is often ignored. Having spent many years in the manufacturing and construction industries, Tanya has first hand experience of the potential consequences of ignoring this link and looks to assist employers by inspiring their employees to make healthier choices.

Having healthy and happy staff has been shown to improve productivity, increase motivation, reduce absence and can have a real impact on staff retention.

Workplace Workshops

Example Topics: Everyday Nutrition, Weight Management, Gut Health, Inflammation & Pain, Stress Management, Anxiety & Depression, Maintaining energy throughout the day

Wellness Weekdays

Health screening such as Body Mass Index. Meal Planning. Reaching & maintaining optimal health.

Workplace Clinic

One-to-one consultations to address personal concerns and come up with a personalised nutrition & lifestyle plan based on the individual’s circumstances.

Corporate Nutrition Package

Bespoke packages are available to suit a Company’s requirements.