Do you suffer with any of the following?






Sun damage

Signs of ageing




Keratosis pilaris

“If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.”


Your skin is the largest organ in your body

  • Your skin operates as a barrier – protecting against dehydration as well as external factors such as physical and chemical injury and bugs, allergens, toxins and carcinogens.
  • Your skin helps with regulating your body temperature.
  • Your skin provides protection from UV radiation by producing melanin.
  • Your skin gives you the sense of touch, providing interaction with physical surroundings.
  • Your skin assists with the production of Vitamin D – UV light activates a Vitamin D precursor in your skin.
  • Your skin helps with wound healing.
  • Your skin is porous so it absorbs whatever you put on it.
  • Your skin plays a role in excretion – sweating eliminates excess water, salt, urea and ammonium.
  • Your skin promotes beauty and physical attraction – the quality and condition of the skin greatly contributes to the perception of health, wellness, youth and beauty.

You will be wearing your skin every day for the rest of your life

If you are looking to optimise or improve your skin, then Tanya is here to help with some basic skincare steps that can make a big difference alongside her nutritional advice.

The key to skincare is consistency and routine. A basic regime of daily protection from excessive UV radiation, protection from excessive irritation and drying (by avoiding drying soaps, excess water or irritating chemicals such as parabens, petrochemicals and sulphates found in many skincare products) and aiding of the skin’s barrier properties (using a moisturising protective layer) will result in noticeable improvement in almost all skin.

Tanya uses and recommends Tropic Skincare


Plants and fruits that grow in tropical climates soak up an abundance of sunshine, which helps them to flourish. We believe that these plants are the most nutritious and beneficial for the skin. That’s why our ingredients are sustainably sourced from the Amazon rainforest, Polynesia, Australia and many more exotic regions brimming with powerful botanical actives.


Our products are all freshly made by the Beauty Chefs in our Surrey Beauty Kitchen every day, using fresh, premium, natural ingredients like nourishing seed butters, juicy fruit extracts, and aromatic essential oils.


We always strive to be at the forefront of natural ingredient research. Our formulations are supercharged with innovative ingredients such as bio-retinol and plant ceramides, embracing the latest green technologies.


In an industry that often overlooks animal welfare and the environment, we promise never to test on animals, nor use derivatives that cause them distress. That’s why we stand with Cruelty Free International, The Vegan Society and PETA as a 100% cruelty-free brand, now and always.