5 Simple Ways To Becoming The Most Healthy You®

May 4, 2022 | 0 comments


We all want to be healthy and we all wish that it was more simple to do so! But what if I told

you that we, as humans, over complicate the simplicity to becoming the The Most Healthy


So, I’m here today to show you just how simple starting this journey can actually be.

I love and live by the KISS method. The method of Keeping It Simple, Stupid. This method

really helps keep the necessary steps at the forefront of your mind, rather than

overwhelming ourselves with complexities. I’ve created a MOST HEALTHY YOU® method

– MEALS which I hope helps you the way it has helped me.


MINIMISE exposure to toxins. This is ultimately one of the most important things we as

human beings should do for our bodies. Toxins can enter our body in a number of way – the

food we eat, the medication we take and the air we breathe. There are plenty of ways to

remove these toxins, but first and foremost, a diet high in vegetables, fruits and water can

help rid the body of toxins.


EAT real food that nourishes your body. This is self explanatory, but is sometimes

overlooked. More fruit, vegetables and whole grains!


AVOID excess stress. That thing you can’t change the outcome of? Let it go. That social

event you’d actually rather not go to? Respectfully decline. Say no when needed.


LIFT & move every day. Our bodies are really all we have, and what a way to celebrate

them by moving them every day! Walk, dance, run, stretch. Every bit counts.


SLEEP like a baby. I think it goes without saying that we would all love a couple hours

extra shut eye but making it a priority can really unlock the full potential of your healthy

body. Get to bed earlier, minimise screen time a couple hours before bed and keep caffeine

consumption to a minimum.




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